A Testimonial Speaks A Thousand Words

We were so happy to receive this fantastic testimonial from the room leader at Axminster Primary school that we just had to share it. Jenny explains just how valuable Go Active is to their Early Year Sessions. It's great feedback and really highlights our core values. Making sure everyone is included at all ages and skill levels and tailoring our activities to ensure every child we teach has a great experience with Go Active and all of our coaches. Thanks Jenny!

Go active have been taking our sessions with our Early Years children, age range 2 to 4 years and I have been fortunate enough to accompany groups of children to several sessions held in the school hall. The first time I helped I did wonder how the Go Active coach would keep control of our little ones in a large school hall, the session went really well children were given clear instructions and they played several games and were given a specific base to return to.

The coaches are extremely good with young children; they get down to their level and adapt their use of language to match the students levels of understanding. Go Active introduced games that as well as physical skills, they also involve educational concepts, such as shapes, colours, numbers, positional language, spatial awareness, following 1,2,3 step instructions etc.

When building children’s physical skills such as climbing, balance etc. Go Active extends the activities for the more able and makes the activities easier to achieve for the less able. One session in particular I remember when a little girl found it a big challenge to use the apparatus, she was very apprehensive and scared, with encouragement from the coach the little girl completed the task and she was so pleased and proud of herself, the coaches seems to have a great rapport with the children and they really makes the sessions fun.

The children look forward to attending the Go active sessions, only half of the group can go at a time, they are always eager to go. I have myself learnt a lot from the go active sessions and have used some of their games during our Early years sessions. “
— Jenny Featherstone - Room Leader, Axminster Early Years