Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Sharing Our Success

The offering of CPD to schools may seem a little strange as a business strategy. Are we not coaching ourselves out of a job, I hear you say? Well no is the short answer and here is why we are committed to sharing our success with schools:

1. We put schools first – educating children is our primary objective, yes we need to make money to be around to do this, but the money never derails us from the journey we set out to make. Children need good quality, enjoyable physical education. With this in place we hope that the provision we provide inspires children to independently take responsibility for their health and wellbeing in later life. Research tells us that children have a small window of opportunity to build these healthy habits before a multitude of social barriers distract them from their innate desires to be active.

2. As we learn more, we have more to share - It’s not just teachers that do CPD, coaches at Go Active are given regular new sports to teach and alternative approaches to trial with. We are an every adapting entity looking to grow in depth as well as variety. Each coach is encouraged to reflect and self-evaluate after every session, often using questioning as a tool to help with this:

‘What did the children learn, that they didn’t already know before the session?’

‘Was the session accessible to everyone, not just the sporty children?’

As a company we invest a substantial amount of time and money in bringing our coaches together, in order that collectively we can get taught new content to share with our schools. In short our coaches get coaches. During our latest group development the theme was on ‘access for all’ with a particular focus on disability sports. We were taught ‘Boccia’, ‘Sitting Volleyball’ and ‘Goalball’ as well as learning ‘Fitball’ and standing ‘Volleyball’ in a fully packed couple of days.

You see, we never run out of things to teach in our CPD sessions as we are always learning more useful things to share. We would love to find more people to share our experiences with, why not come on this journey of striving for sporting excellence with us?  

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