New Body Zorbing With Go Active

Have you ever wanted to surround yourself in a big bubble and jump around bouncing off of things? We thoughts so! Well we have some exciting news. You're in luck, we've just ordered a new batch of Body Zorbs which we will be introducing to our alternative sports programs in the near future.

What is Body Zorbing? Body Zorbing is the latest Zorbing craze to hit the UK! It’s fun, safe and great exercise, but we won’t tell the kids that last bit!

Body Zorbs are suitable for a huge age group; from children right up to adults. The idea is to fit inside a Zorb ball and play one of a number of games within an inflatable arena. From there you can run, play and compete to your heart’s content.

The great thing about body Zorbing is its versatility. As your legs are free, you can play so many games. The current most popular games include 5-a-side football, Pac-man and tag to name a just few.

To give you an idea of the size, you can fit our Zorbs in most gardens while still being ample room to run around and get the maximum enjoyment. This makes body Zorbing a great and very unusual activity for parties, celebrations, special events and even corporate team building.

Why not try Zorb football, Zorb racing, assault courses, crazy sand, bungee trampolines and more? All can add that extra something special to any gathering. Ask us about the full range of body Zorb games you can play or book your Zorb experience today!