Six Alternative Sports To Make Your Sports Week Memorable 

Go Active is the only coaching company in the UK that specialises in Alternative Sports. Offering a unique set of sports that not only challenges our coaches but also allows everyone who attends our activity days the opportunity to try something truly unique.

In the below report we will take a look at the 6 of our most popular sports guaranteed to make your next sports week a very memorable one for both the kids, parents and teachers alike.


1. Fencing
Fencing provides physical and cognitive benefits to all children but is particularly popular with children who do not necessarily enjoy team sports. It is often described like a physical "game of chess."


2. Archery
Archery is a precision sport with children needing to demonstrate extreme levels of concentration and mind control as well as physical ability. It is an ancient sport which has its roots in medieval times. Children (and teacher’s) love this activity!!


3. Street Surfing
Street surfing appeals to everyone, thanks to its innovative technology that combines the natural fluidity of surfing with the smooth maneuverability of snowboarding and skating. 


4. Zorb Games
A new craze that is taking the UK by storm! Zorb Football is a fun and exciting way for children to play this traditional sport. Other games are also played in these great inflatable body zorbs including canon ball alley and sumo, just to name a couple!


5. Rocketball
This dynamic high energy sport helps develop children’s hand-eye coordination. Rocket ball provides a modern twist on traditional Lacrosse that enables it to be introduced to all children. It’s great fun and helps develop children’s speed, agility and hand-eye coordination.


6. Tchoukball
Tchoukball is a relatively new sport which combines the pace and excitement of handball and volleyball. It is a team sport and is played with two rebounding nets. It is an excellent alternative to traditional sports for encouraging team play and sportsmanship.