Why do parents love Go Active?

Having received more positive feedback from parents last half-term, we decided to share the top 5 things parents are most impressed with when it comes to our coaching:

1. Offering a fantastic range of sports and games.

Fencing, Archery, Tchoukball and Street Surfing are just some of the many activities that our coaches love to share with the children. The variety of sports that we are able to offer is a big winner for our parents. The more sports available the better the chance of finding something for everyone. Excitingly the list of sports keeps on growing. #BodyZorbing

2. Facilitating team work and promoting friendships.

This is a top target for parents, teachers and coaches alike, which is why we make such an effort to promote relationships. We work alongside the children to help them understand the importance of teamwork and the difference between playing to win and playing for fun. Being able to achieve something as a team offers children a fresh experience of sport, and for many provides a chance to share success and open the door to new friendships.

3.  Offering high quality child care at very affordable prices. 

We know we are great value for money, but it's awesome to hear that you (the parents) think so too. It's vital for us that the quality of coaching remains the highest quality it can be, regardless of price. This is why all coaches are regularly peer reviewed and given periodic training. We listen to all feedback in a bid to constantly improve. If you can think of something that could help us improve our services further still, we would love to hear from you.

4.  Building children's confidence levels.

When we support and assist children in trying new sports and stepping outside their comfort zone, something wonderful happens. Right in front of our eyes children go from fearful and cautious to daring and adventurous. We take the anxiety of failure or personal injury and with careful instruction as well as appropriate safety equipment, replace it with self-belief. Many parents who believed their children might have struggled because they aren't labelled as 'sporty', have reported to us their surprise when noticing the positive changes and engagement levels in their kids. 

5. Our coaching team.

As well as the aforementioned commitment to professional and well trained staff, Go Active coaches have been praised for differentiating their coaching styles and personalising engagement with the children in their care. We realise that every child has different needs and that a one size fits all approach does not work and even isolates some children. We are very fortunate that often our camps are run by the same staff that provide the children's high quality P.E. lessons and therefore have already established a good relationship. This is a valuable aid in providing a tailored and enjoyable experience across the board.